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Hi, I'm Mary

Your guide on your path to self-knowledge, harmonious family, and fulfilling motherhood.

I KNOW HOW HARD IT CAN BE... embrace yourself and truly take control over your life. You feel stressed and overwhelmed. This is a struggle for so many of us. As women, we are expected to excel in everything. We have to juggle marriage, work, motherhood, and other relationships, all at the same time while trying to stay whole and sane.

I have been there. I see you. I recognize your struggles and I know what your heart truly desires.

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What you truly want is...

•  to be empowered
•  to become the master of your destiny
•  to communicate your needs
•  to find balance and harmony within yourself and with the

    outside world
•  to be the better version of yourself
•  to live your life to the fullest
•  to be HAPPY

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You need someone to listen to you, to understand you, be there to support, empathize with you and offer you long-lasting solutions to issues that haunt you. We need to make happiness and peace of mind your constant.

Your happiness is your birthright. You do not come into this life to suffer. You are a manifestation of the entire infinite universe in a human body, a beautiful soul that is radiating and giving love to everyone. But first, you need to give this unconditional love to yourself.

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"The Map to My Goals" was inspired by "Me and My other I",  coaching program. Because it has changed the lives of many people, helped them to live more consciously, set goals and achieve them, overcome psychological fears and childhood traumas, live a life that is truly in tune with their true selves, I decided to create this guide to provide more people with the tools that will transform their whole lives at once, support their decision to live happily and harmoniously.

A must have book for couples
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Harmonious relationships are one of the cornerstones of happiness. But the harmony in a relationship with your partner comes only after you find harmony within yourself. This book is on a mission to help build better relationships, grow the existing happiness, and learn mindful communication. In this book, you can also find practical skills and tools for conflict resolution between partners and the art of constructive argument. 


Periodic right questions lead to answers and actionable steps that become habits. And habits are a major part of our lives. 

That is why in the book "Again in the 7th Heaven" we have placed a special questionnaire developed by psychologists. By answering these questions daily, you will get one step closer to your happy state of mind.


A must have book for moms
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After a long time working alongside different specialists in the field, my first book, "Mom's Diary", was born. This book is a real encyclopedia for all moms and women in general. Even fathers may find this book useful because as new fathers they also have new responsibilities, new feelings, possible struggles, learning curve. 

“Mom’s Diary” is the ultimate guidebook for future mothers, providing answers and explanations to every single question that may arise throughout different stages of motherhood. Along with my personal experiences, in the book you will also find the advice of a gynecologist and a pediatrician, which can be used as a small medical reference book, which will help the pregnant woman and, subsequently, the mother, to quickly find the answers to the questions that interest her.

It also teaches beautiful family relationships. The pages of the book smell of love, and happiness, which is very contagious...
I am convinced, "Mom's Diary" can become the cornerstone for newly formed families, on which healthy and polite family relations based on love and mutual understanding will be built....



Some people have a special mission. Mary is one of them. I believe that getting to know her was fated. The impact she had on me is tremendous. I was lost and I didn’t know how to bring positive changes into my life. You’ve given me guidance and enlightened me. 


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I love my community and social media allows me to get personal with you. Here I share coaching advise, tips, raw side of my motherhood journey and some behind the scenes of my life in Germany. If you are looking for a mega dose of inspiration, crazy travels and some belly laughs, then come and follow along.