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Meet Mary

Multiple bestselling author, certified family and life coach, lifelong learner and your aid in your personal and famliy life.


I grew up in a family where my parents were first and foremost my good friends. I have always preferred spending time with my family, even as a teenager. Although my peers wanted to go out with their friends, party, and "break free" from their parents, I enjoyed their presence immensely. I am very grateful to my parents for that environment. They taught me to love, understand and empathize with myself and the world. It is because of that environment that I have felt accepted in this world, which plays an important role in the path of realizing dreams.

The love and upbringing my family gave me still did not completely protect me from the outside world and its challenges. There were times I reacted too emotionally to situations. Although being emotional in itself is not a negative phenomenon, managing those emotions is certainly something that needs to be worked on. I realized that my parents had gotten me halfway there, but there was still a part that I had to go through on my own. That path led to self-knowledge and harmony. I overcame that difficult path and now I want to share the knowledge and skills I have acquired with you.

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Things changed...

When I started a family and became a mother, my desire to help other people only grew stronger. I began conducting workshops aimed at supporting young women through the challenging journey of motherhood. In 2017, I held a seminar in Armenia, "Mother's Best Agenda", which was a great success. It inspired me to develop other programs, such as the "Life-Work-Balance" program that I later conducted in Germany at the Mannheim School for Moms.