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My mission is to help women heal their traumas, get rid of mental blocks, find inner harmony, improve their lives by accepting and loving their strengths and weaknesses. 

As a coach, it is very important for me that my programs are accessible to my large audience. That is why I have developed both private and group coaching programs. Different situations require different solutions. Using my large arsenal of tools and methods, I am confident that together we can achieve wonderful results.

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The knowledge and skills I have accumulated over the years allow me to help you overcome various obstacles in your life, to return motivation and love for life, and to regulate relationships first with yourself, and then with the world around you.

Individual coaching implies an individual approach.

The program will be designed for you personally and adapted to your needs. We decide the pace and course of the entire program together with you. During the project, I will always be by your side, we will analyze the existing problems and together we will find possible solutions. This service is for you if you have interpersonal or intrapersonal conflicts, family problems, can't find the balance between different areas of life, or just want to get to know and befriend yourself better.

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The "Me and My Other I" 6-week group coaching program is designed for people who want to improve their reality, better cope with professional and personal life challenges, know themselves, find their mission, and set goals.


This program will help you uncover your inner conflicts, childhood traumas, and belief systems that are often instilled by others. It will help you deeply recognize your true Self, increase your self-esteem and finally heal the wounds.
I want you to remember that you create your own reality. I will help you take control of your life.



This year to celebrate my birthday and International Coaching Week, I organized a free coaching week for my community. Over 1,000 people registered and proved that even seven days are enough to give a boost to the life remodeling process and lay a solid foundation.

My team and I decided to further expand and enrich the program with new tools and launch a sprint transformation program.

It all starts with the attunement of the mind. When your mind is in tune you can control your emotions as well because behind the emotions are our thoughts. During these seven days, I will share with you many internationally acknowledged techniques and personal tools I developed and filtered through years of experience in coaching. These tools can help you completely change the processes in your brain and make sure that you are in charge of your happiness.